The common causes of suicide

Often times, when people who are close to us commit suicide, it is hard to imagine what must have led to it. You might feel that the signs were not there but the truth is, these signs are there but they were hidden to the ordinary eyes.

Below are some possible causes of suicide

Mental Illness

Before people commit suicide, they plan out the whole process extensively. Even though there are several reasons why people commit suicide, the common one is severe depression. Depression can make an individual feel immense emotional pain that they would see dying as the only way out.

Traumatic stress

Another reason people commit suicide is due to traumatic happenings that occurred sometimes back. For some people, it was physical abuse, rape, war trauma and the likes. The surprising fact about traumatic stress is, the individual can still experience the trauma even after many years.

This traumatic stress is popularly referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder and it sometimes happens alongside with depression.

Substance abuse

Individuals who are feeling suicidal are at risk of committing suicide if drugs and alcohol use is introduced into the picture. This would make them react impulsively than usual. Most times, when people go through hard times at work, relationships and the likes, they begin to abuse drugs and alcohol thinking it would help them ease the pain.

The sad part about it is, it eases the pain temporarily. In the long run, the individual would discover the pain was just suppressed and not totally eased.

Loss of fear or failure

Sometimes, when people fail, they find it difficult to believe that they survive that period. This is why people take their lives because it is usually hard to fathom. People who experience academic failure, imprisonment, financial problems amongst others are likely to commit suicide.

There are other causes of suicide like hopelessness, social isolation, chronic pain and the likes. If you are having thoughts of committing suicide, it is imperative that you see a mental health counselor.

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